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The VC Meudon Devo sessions 

Weekly road cycling coaching sessions with a qualified coach


If you’re new to road cycling, or looking to improve your results, VC Meudon Devo is here to help. The club has a track record of developing road cyclists of all levels and this programme is designed to keep that tradition going.

  • Open to all age of riders, including those not in VC Meudon club.

  • Held on a traffic free road circuit in Aldershot.

  • Delivered by a Level 3 qualified coach.

  • Suggested age >11 yrs. upwards.

The programme also provides indoor training, benchmark testing, race observation and training rides.

How have we helped?
  • Provided specific guidance to improve in road race events.

  • Increased physical performance through varied training sessions.

  • Taught road race techniques and tactics in depth.

  • Integrated riders into a successful road club with many experience riders.

Contact us to find out more

Michael Guilford

07515 536378

Facebook: @VCMeudonRT

Twitter: @VCMeudonRT

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